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KD Davis

My name is KD Davis.  I am freelance Photographer  and Videographer from the Los Angeles area.  I have a true passion for capturing those special moments and making them come to life through my own artistic approach, creativity and imagination.    

Since a young age I possessed a passion for computers, video cameras and graphic design. My earliest artistic expressions began with creating home videos and capturing high school memories with friends using a point shoot camera where I would then add my own graphics and special effects before showcasing my work to family and friends.  

I quickly realized capturing film was something I was naturally gifted at it allowed me to channel my creativity and express myself through my artistic abilities. I spent some time working at Columbia College Hollywood where I was able to learn and develop a significant amount skills which has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding of videography. While working for the college I was able to gain hands on experience with state of the art equipment and learn from some of the industries top professionals.

What sets me apart from the competition is that I truly take pride in each project that I take on, and creativity follows through me as the work that I do is a passion of mine. All the shooting, directing, and editing is done myself. I listen and collaborate with my clients in order to create their visions and bring them to life. Looking forward to making your next vision a reality- Lets shoot!
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100% satisfaction with athletes, entertainers, and business pros.
Easy Going
It is all about having fun with the shoots
Tech Savvy
I'm very well rounded and tech savvy, with a background in Computer Science

I love taking your vision, and making it even better than imagined!

KD Davis
Photographer / Videographer

I Have More than 10 Years of Experience


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I am always challenging myself in the editing bay to come up with new ideas!


"KD took my Athletic Training business (Prototype Players Training ) to the next level with his attention to detail and quick turnaraound time!"

Lee Lowe | Football Coach

"KD is a true professional at his craft. A true pleasure to work with."

Q | Healthcare

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